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Toymato Eco Career Readers are unique, grade-appropriate books on 21st century jobs and topics. Toymato Readers explore how cutting-edge scientists, engineers, farmers, artists, business owners, architects, and community leaders are working to create a sustainable future.

The readers can be used to supplement your core reading program or support environmental, social studies, and health programs.

Book Structure
Each book features:
• a profile of a real person sharing knowledge about his or her profession
• vocabulary and comprehension assessment
• a writing activity
• a glossary
• science and social studies content
• illustrations, infographics, and photographs
• narration by a Toymato character

five paper toys

Our Approach
Toymato programs are designed to introduce
and expand upon students’ skills and knowledge
about how to make sustainable choices.

Toymato programs promote:
• a balanced and healthy lifestyle
• respect for the environment
• responsible citizenship
• creative thinking


Total pages: 14 (double sided)

Format: PDF

Size: 11 x 8.5 inches

ISBN: 0-9845394-2-5

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Toymato provides meaningful children’s entertainment that educates kids about environmental topics, encourages community involvement, and explores sustainability from a playful perspective.