Green Living Curriculum (incl. Recycling, Energy, and Healthy Food Curriculum)


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The Toymato Green Living Curriculum (Digital Version) is a three-unit, highly adaptable program. It can be used to support an existing curriculum, or serve as a solid introduction to any environmental, garden, or nutrition education. The program can be used in any size classroom and with students learning at varying levels. Few external resources are required, and additional activities and support can be found through our online community.


Core Units:

1. Recycle and Reuse
Students think creatively about reusing and recycling. They develop an understanding about what happens to their garbage and how landfills work.

2. Energy and Resources
Students generate ideas about reducing energy and conserving water. They develop an understanding about limited and unlimited energy sources.

3. Healthy Food
Students explore where their food comes from, along with the basic elements of a healthy garden. Students will learn about seasonality and healthy eating by tasting and making observations about seasonal produce.



Unique Approach
Our unique approach, in which animated films support activities related to the environment, nutrition, and gardening, will give your students the opportunity to learn the basics about how to make sustainable choices—while having fun!

Credible Sources
The Toymato Green Living Curriculum adheres to the education material guidelines of the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The program addresses state content standards in all states including California, Florida, and Iowa.

Each digital package includes:
• three lesson plans with three activities per lesson and two learning levels
• three videos with three short recaps per video
• one powerpoint and PDF file of the lessons
• worksheets
• nine classroom activities
• twelve classroom and school projects
• three Toymato Eco Career Readers
• three parent letters
• five paper toy templates

How to download:
After purchasing this product please log into your account and click on “Downloads”, then download the PDF document with instructions on how to use and download the curriculum.


Total pages: 72 (+ Eco Career Readers: 42 pages)

Format: PDF, Quicktime, PowerPoint

Size: 8.5 x 11 inches

ISBN: 0-9845394-4-1

Also available as a Binder with DVDs. (Click here to view this product)



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