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Frequently asked questions about the Green Living Curriculum:


1. What age groups are you trying to reach?
Our curriculum was designed for grades K-4. There are two versions of the lessons in this program: one for grades K-2 and one for grades 3-4. The DVDs are suitable for grades K-4.

2. What subjects can you teach with this program?
The main subjects taught in this program are science, social studies, and health. But the program can be extended to support other subjects such as language arts, art, and math. For example, students could calculate the plastic bottles in a recycling can, write a story from the point of view of a Toymato character, or create “Trashion Fashion” in art class.

3. Can I combine this program with other lesson plans?
Yes. Flexibility is one of the key elements of this program. You can mix and match lesson plans, activities, and projects with the DVDs. This program was designed to give you the freedom to create the best program suitable for you and your class.

4. How long is each lesson? How long is the entire program?
Thirty minutes is the minimum for each unit, and there are six units. You could teach the entire program in a day or expand it with additional activities and projects. Some teachers have used this program throughout an entire semester.  

5. Do I have to do all the activities and projects in the Toymato binder?
No. You may select what works best for your class.

6. What content standards are addressed in this program?
Our program adheres to the education material guidelines of the North American Association for Environmental Education.  In addition, our program adheres to some of the Project 2061 benchmarks, an initiative of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. (PDF) Also, we address state content standards, including California (PDF), Iowa (PDF), and Florida (PDF). Content standards for other states are available upon request. If you have questions regarding standards and benchmarks, please contact us at (

7. Is Toymato an advocacy program for any political or religious group? Are you part of a large media corporation?
No. Toymato Entertainment is an independently owned and operated company. The program is based on facts from credible sources and commonly accepted beliefs. The program was developed to address critical content standards in your state.

8. My school does not have the space or the resources for creating a gardening program. Can I still use this program?
Yes. This program teaches the process and value of gardening—preparing, planting, growing, and harvesting—through other creative methods.




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