The Toymato Green Living After School Program is an eight-week, highly adaptable program. It incorporates films featuring the Toymato characters and activities about the environment, gardening, and nutrition.

The program, which includes 40 projects and activities, can be used in any size classroom and with students learning at varying levels. Few external resources are required, and additional activities and support can be found through our online community.

The Toymato Green Living After School Program has been designed to introduce and expand upon students’ skills and knowledge about how to make sustainable choices.

Unique Approach
Our unique approach, in which animated films support activities related to the environment, nutrition, and gardening, will give your students the opportunity to learn the basics about how to make sustainable choices—while having fun!

The program promotes:
• a balanced and healthy lifestyle;
• respect for the environment;
• responsible citizenship;
• and creative thinking.

Core Units by Week

Week 1: Sustainability
Students explore what it means to make sustainable choices. They identify the causes and effects of pollution.

Week 2: Recycle and Reuse
Students think creatively about reusing and recycling. They develop an understanding about what happens to their garbage and how landfills work.

Week 3: Energy and Resources
Students generate ideas about reducing energy and conserving water. They develop an understanding about limited and unlimited energy sources.

Week 4: Community Week
Students organize and design an event to share with the community illustrating what they have learned about making sustainable choices.

Week 5: Prepare and Plant
Students explore where their food comes from, along with the basic elements of a healthy garden.

Week 6: Grow and Compost
Students develop an understanding about why organic material is biodegradable and why a thriving garden needs healthy soil. They explore composting and vermicomposting as methods of recycling and sustaining a garden.

Week 7: Community Week
Students explore where their food comes from. They get to know farmers and gardeners in their community and work in a community garden.

Week 8: Harvest
Students explore seasonality and healthy eating by tasting and making observations about seasonal produce. To conclude the program, students research eco-careers.


Toymato Education

Toymato provides meaningful children’s entertainment that educates kids about environmental topics, encourages community involvement, and explores sustainability from a playful perspective.