Frequently asked questions about the Green Living After School Program:


What age groups are you trying to reach?
Our After School Program was designed for grades K-4. The videos are suitable for grades K-4.


What subjects can you teach with this program?
The main subjects taught in this program are science, social studies, and health. But the program can be extended to support other subjects such as language arts, art, and math. For example, students could calculate the plastic bottles in a recycling can, write a story from the point of view of a Toymato character, or create “Trashion Fashion” in art class.


Can I combine this program with other lesson plans?
Yes. Flexibility is one of the key elements of this program. You can mix and match
lesson plans, activities, and projects with the DVDs. This program was designed to give you the freedom to create the best program suitable for you and your class.


How long is each lesson? How long is the entire program?
Sixty minutes is the minimum for each unit, and there are eight units. You could teach the entire program in eight weeks or expand it over a longer time period. You can add additional projects or activities to extend the one hour duration of each unit.


What are basic art supplies? What is art trash? What are
resource tools?

Basic art supplies are the supplies available in your classroom. They may include markers, crayons, chalk, scissors, recycled craft paper, and glue. Art trash are materials that students can recycle and use for creative projects, such as recycled containers, scraps of fabric, and magazines and newspapers. Resource tools are the reference materials available in your classroom, such as encyclopedias, non-fiction books, maps, and the Internet. Remember to review the rules of Internet safety before allowing students to research on the Internet.


Do I have to do all the activities and projects in the Toymato binder?
No. You may select what works best for your class and combine it with your own materials or other programs.



Toymato Education

Toymato provides meaningful children’s entertainment that educates kids about environmental topics, encourages community involvement, and explores sustainability from a playful perspective.